IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Band 9 Strategies – Going to the Dentist

Hi Students! Here are the Speaking part 2 questions that we covered in the past. Remember to practice your speaking by clicking, "Student Partner Speaking" in your My Student Account at (Use code A8TW9 to get a 10% discount when you join the Premium Package) Good studies.


Talk about a person you were nervous to meet.
You should say:

  • Who is this person?
  • When you met this person?
  • Where you met him or her?

Why did you meet with the person and what made you worried?

You will have one to two minutes to talk about this topic.
You will have one minute to prepare what you are going to say.

*The one-minute preparation time in Part 2 has a MAJOR impact on your overall band score, especially for band scores 7 and more!
STEP 1 – Read the topic statement/question TWICE and the questions CAREFULLY!

STEP 2 – Identify the category of the speech and the tenses -> Person (+event), past, past perfect, past progressive, present perfect.
Person – Appearance, personality backed up with actions (Event – time, location, attendees, activities, opinion)

STEP 3 – Two to three possible choices (don’t pick the first idea that comes to mind), that are Easy and Original.
Proposing to girlfriend, meeting Mr. Johnson the CEO for a final interview for Principal consultant at IBM, Driving Examiner to get my DL, meeting my high school principal after getting into a fight, consulate officer for visa application, dentist to have my first cavity fixed.

STEP 4 – jotting down some USEFUL notes

Dr. Peterson – 6ft, curly hair, charismatic, deep voice
***As you come up with ideas, keep the context of the cue card question in mind
Happy – smiles and tells jokes
Intelligent – up to date with the latest information on teeth and dental hygiene
Amicable – calms me with conversation

Last year mid-July
(pull out a tooth)
Sore tooth, tooth decay
Fill a cavity
4pm in his downtown clinic – dental clinic (10mins by car)
Local anesthesia, needle, to numb gums and teeth
Dentist drill, sound the smell
Heard sounds and screaming from the dentist chair
Drill and needle,
The first time, painful, make a mistake
First sentence ready (look at the topic statement!)

I was extremely nervous to meet with my dentist Dr. Peterson last year in mid-July to get one of my teeth fixed. Although he is a very charismatic man, about six feet tall, and usually wearing a big smile, I was freaking out because I’ve never had to get a cavity filled, and I’ve heard all kinds of horror stories from my family and friends. I was shaking in my boots by the time I had reached his dentil clinic, The Perfect Smile, which is roughly 3 km from my home. As soon as I had walked through the front door, I heard some screaming from his dentist's office. Fortunately, when it was my turn to sit in his dentist chair, he made me feel a bit more at ease by walking me through the process in detail and telling me a couple of funny jokes. He is a clever and empathetic man, and he distracted me from my fears by asking me about my week. Nevertheless, I was terrified when he gave me a local anesthetic needle, and when he turned on his dentist drill. Of course, I was really nervous that the procedure would be very painful, and I also worried about complications, like having difficulty chewing or sleeping afterward. Fortunately, Dr. Peterson is very professional, and he did a fantastic job, so I suffered as little as possible considering it was my first time to get my tooth fixed. Even though, I’m sure I would be nervous if I had to see him again.

[*The two biggest mistakes that intermediate to advanced IELTS candidates make on Part 2 is, not answering the questions on the card accurately (or all of them), AND choosing a difficult or common topic that they have problems talking about.]

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