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Rohit Mahajan

Bhaji SSA

I practiced from Barron’s books and took training material from local training center which is nothing but Cambridge tests and of-course online training. IDP book I got when I booked the exam was very tough, if you are getting less score on that don’t worry, exams of IDP general book are equivalent to academic tests. I will recommend you to prepare for academic test and you will see score of General will be excellent.

I recommend you go through GIELTShelp videos and practice sessions, you will find them very useful and will not find anywhere else, some of the tips and tricks you need to follow blindly at first it will not make sense but later you will see your score improves eventually.

While making study plan, keep in mind that if you didn’t get the desire score in first test, plan for the second test in advance. This will prepare you mentally for commitment, that you have to clear the test no matter what. Second is practice a lot as much as you can following the plan. There are two steps to practice, step 1 is to practice 10-15 listening tests only, then writing, then reading and lastly speaking. This step 1 will help to rectify the mistakes in one particular section for example if in listening you are making certain set of mistakes like spelling or you are not able to pick up in certain set of listening tasks. I was getting in first test close to 24-28 but after following tips and practice I was coming close to 38 by 12 the test.
Once you have completed 10-12 test individually for each section then move to step 2 start giving complete tests. I will recommend to practice close to 10 complete tests before you give the exam.

If after doing 5-6 listening tests in step 1 your score is not improving, I will recommend you to watch Friends TV Show 4-5 seasons of your choice. If by end of each episode you are feeling that you have inhaled laughing gas your score will improve.

All the best! Hope that helps!