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I am writing this letter to inform you that i am moving out of kadi to grab the opportunity to work with the multinational company TCS in delhi last i have to apologize for not contacting you before leaving kadi because i have to submit the joining letter within time limit.
let me explained in detail.i got letter of employment in TCS last monday when you were out of station for a month. as you know that delhi is metro city and i am very excited about vibrant city where people from different area of world are coming to try their i have chance to get experienced people of diverse culture and talent. here i may have chance to express my writing this i am also want to take an opportunity to thank you about all your help and support you have given to me during my struggling period of life, mostly when i need guide and technical support to complete that project which had given me recent update i have taken house on rent and bought new car.finally i wish all the best for your current and future endeavors.please convey my regards to your family especially to parents.

i look forward to meet you soon

warm regards,