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Hi Omer,
Thanks for your question. To improve your spelling, I suggest downloading some spelling games onto your mobile from your app store and playing them. Search for ‘Spelling Games’ and ‘Spelling Bee’ – make sure to play it daily. This will also improve our vocabulary.

Thank you for your inquiry regarding writing – editing. All writing at is edited by a native English speaking university graduate in Canada. The editing is a paid service because it demands extra man hours and payment. Not all students ask for this or can afford this, so we make this optional. We keep our course price down and charge a very competitive editing rate for those students who want it and can afford it at 6 cents US/word $0.06/wrd.). See the edited work and we are sure you will agree with us about the value and usefulness of such feedback.

You can submit essays in your ‘My Student Page’ in ‘Full Course’, ‘Bonus Writing Section’, ‘Additional Services’ -> ‘Editing Services’ or use the ‘Task 1’ and ‘Task 2’ buttons on the upper left of the page. Once we have your work and payment we will return your edited work with comments in 48 hours or less. Let me know if you have any further questions.