About Us

Adrian Benedek
President and CEO

The founder and president of 2Think1 Solutions Inc. – AcademicEnglishHelp – General IELTS Test Help – TOEFL Test Help, and holds a degree in psychology with distinction from the University of Victoria, Canada. His interests lie in human development and pedagogy. He has published research in developmental neuroscience and taught English, IELTS and TOEFL in Japan, Hungary, Austria and Canada. Adrian believes in enjoying life to the fullest and loves to run, surf, stand-up paddle board, swim and hike, and of course teach.

Eldar Doyle
Video Editor and Customer Support Specialist

Hi! I’m Eldar. I edit videos and reply to your messages! I come from a multicultural background and speak four languages. I’ve been working in media and teaching English since 2016. I love skateboarding, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. I’m quite the adrenaline junkie. I also love reading philosophy and watching movies.

Reon Vaz
Social Media Manager

I am a Social Media Manager at 2Think1 Solutions Inc., and I hold a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with distinction from the University of Mumbai. I love reading, but even more than that, I love the essence of connecting with people and learning from them.

Evan Keenlyside
Vice President

Evan holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of Victoria, Canada, and a master’s degree in philosophy from the University of Birmingham, UK. A firm believer in the value of education, Evan emphasizes logic and critical thinking as the keys to success in IELTS, university, and life. Over the past years, Evan’s expertise and guidance has helped hundreds of IELTS students achieve their academic and life goals. In his spare time, Evan enjoys reading, playing baseball, and watching ice hockey.

Dr. Ildiko Benedek

Ildiko is a corporate lawyer. She is knowledgeable in residential real estate and in corporate market research. She is a Director at 2Think1 Solutions Inc. She raised three sons and is a proud grandmother. She likes to travel and do photography.

Dr. Viktor Benedek

Viktor is a medical doctor and a professional lecturer. He is a Professor Emeritus, also a Director at 2Think1 Solutions Inc. He has deep empathy and likes to help others to develop their careers. He enjoys spending time in nature.

Jason Stasiuk
Sound Technician

Jason has worked at the Alberta Flood Relief Concert, Calgary Folk Festival, the City of Calgary, and Sun and Salsa Festivals. A recent participant of the Audio Engineering Work Study program at the Banff Centre of the Arts, Jason worked closely with world renowned artists in both the classical and popular music fields on live concerts, demo sessions and CD projects.He finished his degree at the University of Victoria in August 2012 in Combined Music and Computer Science. There he worked as a Senior Recording Technician at the University of Victoria School of Music for his entire schooling career.

Deborah Rogers
Editor and Voice Actor

Deborah is a British writer and editor currently based in Victoria, Canada. As a member of the Professional Editors Association of Vancouver Island Deborah works with authors and students, editing and proofreading a variety texts including website copy, fiction and academic papers, as well as writing a variety of commissioned copy.