Proper IELTS Reading Technique – Score Higher on IELTS!

Scanning and skimming is NOT enough to get a high score on the general IELTS. If you need a 5.0, then it can work, but if you need anything higher (which almost all work and immigration purposes require), you need proper IELTS reading technique – you NEED to read and understand the material, and use critical thinking to engage the passage. This is the only way to get 6.5, 7.0, 7.5++.

Very high level ESL speakers may be able to achieve 6.5 using the scan/skim method, but they are still robbing themselves of a higher score. Such a student may be able to get 7.5 or even 8+ on the reading section using proper techniques. For most students, the difference between skim/scan and using proper technique can be a full band, or even 1.5 bands. It is absolutely huge.

There is a very good reason for this: The IELTS test makers are very intelligent, and they know exactly how to construct a test to differentiate between those using good techniques and those using bad techniques. The IELTS test makers design many questions specifically to catch students who employ skimming and scanning techniques. It is for this reason that these students find it very difficult to score above 5.0.

As with many things in life, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Skimming and scanning is an easy way to get a mediocre mark, but it is virtually useless if you want a good mark. If you want a good, great, or excellent mark, there is no better way than spending the time to learn proper technique.

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  1. Harjit Kaur saund

    respected sir i can’t understand the critical paragraph properly. whenever i try to understand this my brain stop working because when i read paragraph, it seems easy but when i read its questions, i feel that questions have taken from another paragraph. what should i do sir.

    • geadmin

      Hi Harjit,

      Have you practiced the “what, why, how” method of critical thinking for understanding paragraphs and essays?

      Reading without understanding/comprehension is a big problem for many readers (including native speakers). To help this problem, you need to critically evaluate the material as you are reading it, and after you finish reading it.

  2. Harjit Kaur saund

    thank you so much sir. from now i will read paragraph properly and also apply the “what, why, how” method.

  3. anup adhikari

    dear sir!i can’t improve my reading in IELTS.i couldn’t find answers in time,what should i do for my improvement?

    • geadmin

      Hi Anup,

      I think it is clear that you need to learn new ways of approaching the IELTS reading section. Have you considered signing up for our full course package? While the course covers all IELTS sections, it has a special focus on the reading section, since this is the section most students find most challenging.

      You will learn the reading techniques of critical thinking, paraphrasing, visualization, power reading and many others!

    • geadmin

      Hi Cecile,

      The course is $38. With purchase, you will enjoy two full months of unlimited access.

      Please let us know if you have any questions.

  4. anamika upadhyay

    hi i have paid $38 so expect to practice real test from here like the one we give real ielts exam paper where can i find one specially for lisetining and general reading.thank you

    • geadmin

      Dear Anamika,
      Thank you for your question. When you log into your ‘My Student Account’ you can see a section in the accordion menu ‘Curriculum Book & Student Book & Study Plan’. This section has PDF documents which are exactly like the real test. The audio for the materials is found under the ‘IELTS Audio CDs’ tab – click on it and follow the instructions in the test.

  5. Qasim Javed

    dear sir in video lectures about reading i could not find lecture on paragraph headings for reading. please let me know techniques for that

    • geadmin

      Hi Qasim,

      We do not have video lectures for every question type. Please see the reading section of the full course for information on every IELTS reading question type.

  6. kamila mashrabova

    hi! Could you help me to improve my reading ?
    because sometimes i get 16 correct answers and sometimes 35
    what should i do in order to stabilize this?

    • geadmin

      Hi Kamila,

      Just keep working hard. 35 is an excellent score! Ask yourself what you did right to score 35 – had you gotten a better sleep the night before? Were you more focused? Was it at the start or end of a study period that day?

      Other than these sorts of things, just keep at it and your scores and consistency will improve.

  7. karthik bobbatti

    hi sir.. i got 5.5 4.5 5.5 6.5 in respective ielts modules.. i want to improve my score up to 7… any suggestions please

    • geadmin

      Hi Karthik,

      The best advice I can give you is to explore our website – check out all the free materials in your “my student account”, and if the style of learning is something you like, then you should sign up for the full course!

      Please let us know if you have any more questions!

    • geadmin

      Hi Navjyot, Thanks for your question. These are really big topics and there is too much advice that I can give you within this forum. So, the best advice is to join the full course if you haven’t already, and focus on the these sections in your ‘My Student Account’. If you have specific questions regarding strategies or questions for the reading and writing, please state them in detail and I will help you further. Good studies.

    • geadmin

      Hi Navjyot, Thanks for your question. To join the full course complete the checkout and make payment here: Click Here Once you have made payment, you will be immediately redirected to your Full Course My Student Account. Let me know if you have further questions or need assistance, I am here to help.

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