Best way to study IELTS

It is common knowledge that studying hard is the way to get a good score on any test, especially IELTS. This, however, is not true. Yes you need to study hard, but the best way to study IELTS is to “study smart”. What does studying smart mean? It means you don’t waste your time learning from inferior sources, it means you don’t spend hours and hours learning bad habits, and it means you study specifically for your test, not a test that is similar to the one you’re going to take.

Don’t waste your time with bad source material. A lot of the materials out there are written by people whose first language isn’t even English. Much of the stuff out there is of shockingly poor quality. These materials teach you bad habits, bad grammar, and bad strategies. Here at GIELTSHelp, we pride ourselves on our high quality materials written by university graduate native English speakers. Thousands of hours of research and development have been put into developing materials that help you learn in the most efficient and effective way.

The best way to study IELTS is to study for the test you are writing. If you are writing the academic IELTS, this means studying general module materials is not good enough. The writing section is different, and the reading section is radically different. You need to study for the test you are taking. Don’t waste time learning about charts and graphs if what you really need to learn to write is a letter to a friend!

Studying smart is just as important as studying hard. Furthermore, studying incorrect materials can actually hurt your chances of getting a good score on IELTS. You need to be able to trust the materials you are studying with are of the highest quality, and that is a guarantee we give you with the study materials available here at

Good luck and study smart!

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  1. Roomi khan

    It sounds terrific to me at this stage; let’s see to dig out more rational strategies in order to feel confident for the test day…

    • geadmin

      Hi Tong, Thank you for your question. In order to get a total band score of 6.5, you will need to have a strong intermediate proficiency in listening, reading, writing and speaking. This means you need to understand minimum 65% of the material in the test and produce mostly coherent and fluent English with few grammatical and language errors. To learn how to achieve the skills and strategies to reach this high score of 6.5, I recommend starting with our full IELTS course, Let me know if you have further questions.

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