IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Band 9 Strategies – Favorite Animal

Hi Students! Here are the Speaking part 1 questions that we covered in the past. Remember to practice your speaking by clicking, “Student Partner Speaking” in your My Student Account at (Use code A8TW9 to get a 10% discount when you join the Premium Package) Good studies.

TIP!!! – Make sure that you are using only English on the day of your Speaking exam – tell people around you of your goal to get a high score in IELTS and you MUST use English.

***It takes time and effort for the brain to produce its best communication in a foreign language.

TIP 2 – go to your exam an hour early and practice with other candidates. Don’t get into discourse or arguments – just practice. *Print out a couple of practice Q and A sheets for the speaking.

TIP 3 – Be confident and enunciate (to say words clearly and stress the words so that the audience can hear them specifically and with ease)!
Give Original, Fluent, Complete, and Accurate answers!
Eat less and exercise more

To give complete answers -> always think about the popular answer – the logical reason – and a simple common example that’s specific to you.


Examiner Questions:

What is your full name?

My full name is Timothy David McLeroy but you can just call me Tim.

Can I see your identification?

Certainly, here is my id card that I used during the registration process, please take a look.

Where do you live?

I reside in a three-bedroom condo just on the outskirts of Victoria, which is the capital city of the most western province of Canada, British Columbia. I live there with my lovely wife and daughter.

What did you do this morning?

Whip up – to make quickly – whip up a plate of scrambled eggs

Hectic schedule – very busy with lots to do
Back-to-back = consecutive = one right after the other

After rolling out of bed at around 6:30 am, I took a quick shower to freshen up. Then, I had a delicious and healthy fruit salad to start my day. After which, I sat down to review my notes for this exam and practice some speaking with my partner online. Then, I used public transit to get to this exam.

Let’s talk about animals and plants
What is your favorite animal?

Agility = the ability to move dynamically and flexibly.

I love bears more than any other animal, I even consider it my spirit animal. They are large and powerful but calm and cute at the same time. They like to sleep through winter and be really active during the summer months. I have at least a dozen teddy bears and half a dozen bear statues around my home.

Do you have a favorite flower?

Yes, I do, I love the peace lily, not just for its name but also its beautiful appearance. It has large dark green leaves and long shiny flowers with yellow pollen. These flowers look great in the living room or in the garden and they flower for at least a few weeks. I always have one in my house.

What kinds of animals do you usually see?

In my area, I most often see dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes, as well I see pigeons and crows. Sometimes I’ll even catch an army of ants stealing crumbs in my kitchen.

Where can you go to see animals?

Where can you go to see plants and trees?

Have you ever been lost in a forest?

If you could go to see plants and animals anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Given the chance to explore the fauna and flora anywhere on the planet, I would like to visit the bamboo forests of China in hopes of coming across panda bears in their natural habitat. As I had mentioned, I’m really into bears and one of the rarest and most incredible species on the planet is without a doubt the giant panda.

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