IELTS Writing Task 2 – Eating at Home – Band 9

IELTS Task 2 Writing

Many people say that cooking and eating at home is better for the individual and family than eating out in restaurants or canteens. Do you agree or disagree? (Yes? No?)

Paraphrase – get clarity, vocabulary and direction.

A lot of people state that preparing meals and dining at home is advantageous for both the person and family as compared to eating out. Do you feel the same or the opposite? 

*A good, band 7 to 9 introduction, is NOT just simply paraphrasing the question and then stating, “This essay will discuss the benefits and negatives of eating at home and in restaurants.” = this is a band 6.5 level essay with perfect English. 

***When you are paraphrasing, the key to doing a good job, is do not lose any of the original information AND do not add information that is not in the original information. 

*This is NOT a, “to what extent do you agree?” and, it is not a “I will discuss both sides”.

A good, quick essay in this case will present one side with two strong points.

Support your opinion with explanations and examples from your experience. 

Write at least 250 words.

Identify the topic = Best place to make and eat food

Identify the controlling idea = better at home for a person and family than at a restaurant.

Next Step, What? Why? Why?

What defines “the best place to make and eat food”?

A: The quality of food – health and taste, enjoyability of food, the cost of food, 

Why is it important to have “the best place for making and eating food”?

A: (Think Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) – Because the ritual of eating is a fundamental part of our survival and social needs on a daily basis.  

(*By asking and answering the right questions – your argument will ‘stand out’ from the other 200 candidates and will give you a chance at the highest band scores.)

How is a place “the best for making and eating food”?

I control the ingredients, like the amount of salt and sugar, in a dish, like lasagna. I also control the atmosphere, like picking out a certain restaurant, or like setting the table at home, dimming the lights.

Now ask “What, Why, How?” for the controlling idea – better at home or at a restaurant.

…🡪 it is better to make food and eat at home. (Even though I know that there are advantages to eating in a restaurant, for this type of question, it is a disadvantage for my IELTS score to provide these ideas and weaken my overall essay!)

Two Points – Why is it better to make and eat food at home? Enjoyable, 

NOTE: Having awesome vocabulary and grammar is not nearly as important as having awesome content and structure!

NOTE: Never assume that your reader will fill in missing or “obvious” information.

Physical and social well-being of the individual and family.  

THESIS: I strongly believe that making and consuming food at home on a regular basis is better than eating out as it leads to physical and social well-being for the individual and family. (This is considered a Band 9 – expert user of the English language). 

H.W. – Complete the Introductory Paragraph – Hook, Background, Thesis

The ritual of eating is of fundamental importance to people. Nowadays, individuals have a choice to eat homemade meals, order in, or go out to restaurants. People’s dietary habits of food source and venue have a significant impact on their quality of life. I strongly believe that making and consuming food at home on a regular basis is better than eating out, as it leads to physical and social well being for the individual and family. (76 words)

Meals prepared at home are usually healthier than those made in restaurants and therefore support a better diet and physical development. Meals that are made in one’s own kitchen are prepared in small quantities rather than in bulk and the ingredients are carefully selected from markets for quality and taste. In addition, the cooking environment is hygienic to ensure that the individual and family are both satisfied with meals and kept from any potential food-related illness. For instance, my mother regularly buys organic ingredients from the local farm market and makes incredibly healthy meals that have helped me to grow into a strong and healthy adult. This is one of two reasons that homemade food is preferable to eating out. 

A second reason that consuming food daily around the dining room table at home is better is that it contributes to the mental and emotional stability and communication of family members. Eating at home gives individuals both privacy and comfort that is unattainable in restaurants, and they can express their problems and personality so that they can form deep, meaningful relationships with siblings, parents and spouses. I have a very strong bond with my father because growing up I always had a chance to tell him my daily triumphs and tribulations around the diner table at home, such as winning or losing a game of basketball in high school. This would have been difficult to do if my father had been taking us out to eat all the time. 

In conclusion, the custom of eating, specifically the place of cooking and consuming meals is best done at home. The reasons I am in strong favor of this notion is that nutrition should be considered strongly in light of physical and social wellness first and foremost. It is therefore advisable that each individual take this into consideration when forming their regular daily eating customs and choice of location for food.

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