IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Delivery – Band 9

Talk about a river, lake, sea or ocean that is important for your country’s economy.

The Arabian Sea is arguably the most important body of water for India’s economy.  This massive body of saline water is located in the north western part of India, as part of the Indian Ocean and east of many Arabian countries such as KSA, Oman, and south of the country of Pakistan. It connects the ports of these Arabian and Asian nations across more than 1 million square kilometers of dark blue water filled with an abundance of sea-life. 

Historically, stretching back thousands of years, the Arabian Sea had been used by Indian sailors for trade, exploration and warfare.  Back in the early 200, 300s, Indian sailors discovered much of the Indian coast navigating the trade winds of the Arabian Sea. They had brought with them fabrics, such as silk and spices to trade with neighboring communities. Later, in the 17th century, this trade extended further across the sea to European countries for not only food and such amenities but also, gold and people. 

During modern times, the Arabian Sea still serves much the same purposes as it did throughout history, but on much grander scale. Nowadays, hundreds of massive cargo ships leave the ports of India with millions of dollars worth of merchandise. Furthermore, the Sea is a major food source for many countries for such luxuries as prawns and fish. The fishing industry of India nets billions of dollars from this valuable resource. Last but not least, it is a tourist hotspot for all kinds of water recreation, such as diving, surfing, and pleasure boating which also brings in hundreds of millions of dollars annually. If I had to guess, I would say that roughly a third of India’s economy is dependent on the Arabian Sea. 


If you do not understand a question, do not panic! Instead, ask for question to be repeated. 

“I’m sorry, I spaced out a bit, would you mind repeating that question.”

“I don’t really get what you are asking me, could you please ask me the next question.”

Let’s talk about trade and commerce.

Why is it important for countries to trade goods and services with each other? Can you give some examples?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of importing products from other countries that are also available locally?

If trading among nations were to suddenly stop, how would this affect people’s lives? Is this good or bad?

If commerce among nations were to suddenly cease, it would devastate the world economy and would likely lead to strife and conflict as many countries are heavily reliant on the imports of certain goods, such as foods, including rice and wheat, so this would rapidly lead to anarchy and chaos. It would likely put human civilization back in the Dark Ages. This is why imposing trade embargoes as punishment is very severe. 

Let’s talk about product and service delivery.

What are the most common ways that products and services are delivered to customers? 

The frequent methods of getting products to shoppers is via, rail, truck, boat and plane. Often, especially nowadays, with the lockdown, people are ordering much of their consumer goods online, through major retailers like Amazon, and having their purchases delivered right to their doorsteps from anywhere in the world. I just got a new laptop from Japan in this way last week. 

Which is the best and why?

How will product and service delivery systems change in the future? How long will this take? 

Why are multinational corporations always looking for different ways to deliver products? 

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