IELTS Task 2 Writing – Universal Tax, Healthcare, and Security – Band 9

IELTS Task 2 Writing

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Many people believe the world is in need of a global government that can regulate universal tax, healthcare and security. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this and give your own opinion.

A lot of individuals ascertain that the global community now requires a unified governing authority that can establish international tax, healthcare, and laws. Write about the benefits and negatives of such a system and provide your own position on this notion. 

Topic? = need for a global government

Controlling Ideas? = benefits and negatives (my opinion)

What is the need for a global government?

A demand by the world’s population to have one authority that can be responsible for the worlds issues and social systems.

Why do people want a global government?

(*Why now? Why not fifty or a hundred years ago?)

So that the same rules apply to all people on Earth. Also, the world has become a global community whereby individuals and business often reside in multiple countries throughout their lifespans. 

How has this need for a global government come about? (What situations have led to this need?)

An inability to control pathogens with local authority. An inability to control international crime, such as terrorism and cyber-crime. An inability to get taxes from the wealthiest companies because of tax shelters. 

What are the advantages?

 Creates greater equality, safety, health

What are the disadvantages?

Cannot be autonomous. A loss of national identity, culture, and religion.

Position? More benefits (1) or more deficits (2)?

More benefits (If a pandemic wipes out humanity, there is not much sense in having culture or other.)

Thesis (a sentence at the end of your introduction which outlines the main points and arguments of your essay.)

(Google the difference between a Direct Thesis and an Indirect Thesis)

Write at least 250 words.


(Hook) Over the last two decades, there has been an increasing demand for a global government. A single unified authority that can be responsible for the critical social systems, such as medical care, tax laws and safety legislature may better operate an ever-growing international community. Although a major disadvantage of a unified government is loss of autonomy for nations, its benefits include a greater degree of social equality, public safety, and general health; for these reasons, I am in support of this idea.


(Topic sentence – paraphrase with detail the first point – loss of autonomy is a disadvantage.)

One of the clear deficits of having a single authority managing all countries is that nations and cultures lose their abilities to make critical decisions for themselves. (Explanation – use quantitative and detailed ideas to clearly explain the topic sentence) In certain cases local governments make decisions regarding religion, laws, and healthcare to benefit their domestic populace which may not coincide with an international interest and this would simply not work with a higher authority control. (Example) Although instituting a lockdown in some countries may be feasible during a pandemic, if this were forced on nations without economic stability or viral breakout, it would do more harm than good. For such reasons, it may not be ideal to have one international government. 

Topic sentence

In a world where many people are citizens of multiple countries, and where there is great interdependence among nations, it is logical to have a single governing body to ensure the basic social needs of all people. (explanation) With one governing body, critical issues like global terrorism, viral pandemics, and tax evasion can be better controlled in order to create prosperity and safety for the majority of Earth’s citizens. (example) Even though a nation may avoid a pandemic momentarily, they likely do not have the necessary resources, like millions of vaccines, which could be provided by a global authority, should this need arise. Certainly, these are distinct reasons for needing a global government.   

In conclusion, many people consider themselves to be not just national but global citizens as well, and the need of a international government is best suited to ensure equality for the health and well being of all eight billion of Earth’s citizens. (Strengthen Opinion/Position) Although nations stand to lose their cultural identities under a central governing body, I believe it is of greater interest to not only safeguard all human life in the best possible way, but also to work towards a peaceful and harmonious future. In my opinion, this is best done by a global government that can make laws which take into consideration the interest of all of the world’s citizens. 

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