IELTS Task 2 Writing – Meat Consumption – Band 9

IELTS Task 2 Writing

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. 

Some people argue that the overconsumption of meat has created many problems in the world. What are the reasons that some people eat too much meat? What can be done to solve this problem? Include examples and explanations from your own experiences.

Certain individuals claim that eating too much animal protein has led to numerous challenges in the world. Why are people eating excessive amounts of meat? What are the solutions to this issue? Give instances and rectification from your own past.

Write at least 250 words.

TOPIC = overconsumption of meat

Controlling Idea = the reasons for this and the solution

What does it mean to overconsume meat?

Eating meat on a daily basis.

Why do people overconsume meat?

To consume more protein quickly (easily). For satisfaction, (taste). Readily available (found at many stores, butcher). Possibly cheaper than vegetable produce. It has become a cultural norm (a part of many dishes).

How do people consume too much meat?

It is added to many dishes and meals and eaten once or more daily.


How does eating too much meat affect health?

It can lead to cardiovascular disease. Increases cholesterol in the body leading to high blood pressure. Stress for the digestive system.  

Why has the production of quality meats become difficult?

There is a high demand for meat so cheap farming methods are used which produce low-quality meat.

How has the overconsumption of meat affected the environment? 

Forests and land have been abused for the sake of meat farming. Large swaths of land and massive amounts of water are needed to produce meat.

What are the solutions to this problem?

Governments and organizations have to advocate for lower consumption of meat by way of advertising and informing the public through film and social media. 

Strict government regulation on the consumption of meat – Create a standard ration of meat per person per day. (meat rations) Promote other healthy alternatives to meat. Let people know that they can live longer and with a higher quality of life when they consume less meat. 

How can people reduce the amount of meat that they eat?

Create a diet plan. Do not buy meat on every grocery trip.

Thesis statement (last sentence of your introduction)

The major reasons for people overconsuming meat is culture and cost; the solutions include an increased awareness of negative health and decreased availability of meat produce. 

*The most powerful types of explanations and examples are those which elicit a sense of empathy or sympathy from the reader. (Whereby the reader thinks, “yeah, I do too.”)


Most people agree that in many parts of the world meat is overconsumed. Eating more animal proteins than necessary, has led to problems for not only people’s health but also for the environment, as meat is difficult to digest and produce.  I believe, the major reasons for people overconsuming meat are culture and cost; the solutions include an increased awareness of negative health and decreased availability of meat produce. 

BODY 1 – (reasons for overconsumption of meat)

Throughout modern history, the trend of eating meat on a regular basis has become a normal part of many cuisines around the world. (explanation) Most people agree that meat is delicious, and as such, it is no surprise that it has become a key ingredient in many dishes like beef Stroganov, pepperoni pizza, and butter chicken. (example) I, myself, consume meat often since it is an ingredient in many of the dishes my family and I prepare. Furthermore, it is arguable, that purchasing cheap meat is the most cost-effective way for many people to get lots of protein into their daily diets. These days, quality vegetables, such as beans and avocado, which are high in protein, cost relatively much more than meat. I pay 15 dollars for five pounds of avocado, while five pounds of pork only costs me around six dollars. Certainly, these factors lead to buying and eating too much meat. 

BODY 2 (Thesis point 2 – solutions to overconsumption of meat)

In order to significantly decrease the consumption of meat, governments must target and educate the public on the long-term health risks, such as cardiovascular disease and obesity, which are associated with eating too much animal produce. One-minute videos that show the cholesterol build up in arteries of people who eat meat regularly, in film and social media advertisements, can help people better understand their diet patterns and encourage them to change. I saw a video on Facebook a few months ago which showed the damage of daily meat consumption to the digestive system, and since then, I have reduced meat in my diet. In addition, authorities, by law, can force the decreased availability of meat for citizens. Regulations can be implemented which limit meat consumption to no more than three pound per person, per month.

In conclusion, meat is eaten too often because of the social norms that have evolved over centuries, and people’s budgets to pack a full meal. However, governments can dissuade people from this negative diet through public relations and regulation. I definitely think that both individuals and future society are better off with lower portions of meat as part of daily nutrition.      

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