IELTS Task 2 Writing – Technology – Band 9

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IELTS Task 2 Writing

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. 

Many advancements in technology are making people’s lives easier, users need to think and do less to achieve tasks. Discuss the positives and negatives of this development and give your own opinion.

You should write at least 250 words.  

The progression in technology has enabled humans to simplify many tasks in daily life in order to obtain goals such that less effort is needed. Express the advantages and disadvantages of this change and provide your own perspective. 

TOPIC = new tech reduces the need for human effort

Controlling Idea = the pros and cons of this trend and my personal opinion

What does it mean that technology decreases human effort for goals?

A: A reduction in the amount of physical and mental energy, and the amount of time needed to accomplish tasks through technological automation.

Why is it important to determine technologies impact on humans?

Because most people rely on technology on a daily basis. Because it is important to know the long-term outcomes of the dependence on technology. 

Why do humans pursue easier living through technology?

People want to use their time on activities they choose and enjoy rather than what they must do, such as daily work. 

People want to avoid energy demanding labor. (People do not like to break a sweat.)

How does tech make people’s lives easier? (Think of examples)

Working remotely via the internet, washing machine, elevators, electric scooters 

***Thinking of great examples will empower you to write amazing essays!

What are the positives?

People can spend more time and energy on their hobbies and socializing. 

What are the negatives?

Low physical activity leading to muscular atrophy. Little effort leading to decreased motivation and sense of achievement. 

Your Opinion – Is it good or bad? Overall, it is good.

THESIS – (The last sentence of your introduction – it contains the key points of the essay. You should write a direct thesis, not indirect.)

The deficits of overreliance on technology are physical and mental deterioration for humans; however, I believe that the positives can be more significant such as saving time and energy for enjoyable healthy and social activities.


(hook) Humans have become extremely dependent on technology in modern times. (Background – definition and importance) On a daily basis, people simplify their lives by using technological aids to communicate, work, and travel. The long-term effect of this relationship with technology warrants further investigation. (Thesis) The deficits of overreliance on technology are physical and mental deterioration; however, I believe that the positives can be more significant such as saving time and energy for enjoyable healthy and social activities.

Body 1 = Thesis point 1 (negatives of using tech) *Topic Sentence -> is a deeper definition/paraphrase of thesis point 1.

The daily use of technology has created stagnant lifestyles whereby people are less physically and mentally active and this leads to numerous psychological and physiological challenges. (Explanation – how does this happen, why does this happen? ***Quantitative). As people sit in front of their computer screens for 10 hours a day to accomplish their office work, instead of doing manual labour, they do not get exercise and this leads to obesity as well as cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, people play games on their smartphones rather than read academic books and this results in a lack of ability for critical thinking. (Example – be specific and use a personal example when the question asks you to do so.) I noticed on myself that the more I use my smartphone for entertainment, learning, and shopping, the more I become lazy and gain weight. Nevertheless, technology does have significant benefits when used wisely.     

Body 2 – Certainly, advancements in technology have alleviated much of the time and energy required to accomplish redundant daily endeavors which took up much of the day for generations in the past, and has freed up many hours in the day to invest in other, more preferred, activities. A century ago, people spent many hours cleaning their homes, walking to work, doing the dishes, which can now be done with the help of vacuums, cars and dishwashers, respectively. Instead of these chores, people can go to the park with their families or have a barbecue with their friends, thereby having more fun and enjoying life. Just last week, I saved three hours of my time on Saturday by throwing my clothes into the washing machine, and instead of painstakingly doing it by hand, I used this time to go bowling with friends. 

Conclusion (Main points restated, argument/position emphasized, take-home-message.)

Clearly, advancements in technology have had positive and negative impacts on human life, namely physical and mental wellbeing, and use of time and energy. With many perspectives considered, I am in support of using technology to decrease demand of human effort so that more time can be spend enjoying life. Importantly, each person must wisely decide the best way to make use of the time and energy that using technology provides, so that they become healthier and happier rather than the opposite.  

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