IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Music – Band 9

Examiner Questions:

May I see your identification?

Yes, here is my passport, please allow me a moment while I flip to the page with my credentials. Okay, here it is, please have a look. 

What is your full name?

My given names are Thomas Francis and my family name is Fredrick, please just call me Tom for short. 

Do you work or study? (Answer + Explain + Example)

I’m both studying developmental psychology at the University of Victoria, I’m currently in my final year of bachelor studies, and I have been working part time as a Spanish tutor to pay for my books and tuition. In fact, I just finished a lesson before coming to this exam.

What do you like to do when you are not working/studying?

Outside of work and school, I enjoy sports, whether team sports like football, or individual sports like tennis, I often find myself being active. Playing sports helps me to stay strong and fit and I also have lots of fun. I won two tennis games back to back on the weekend, and this gave me lots of confidence and pride going into my next week. 


Let’s talk about music.

What is your favorite kind of music?

My favorite genre of music is jazz, I specifically like listening to jazz piano, as it helps me to relax and get focused. Before this exam, while driving to this center I put on my favorite track “Out in the Rain”.

What do you use to listen to music?

Well I usually use my Samsung S21 smartphone which I connect to my Sony MX4 noise cancelling headphones via Bluetooth, and the software I use is Tidal. Together these devices and app allow me to listen to 360 music which is like being at a live concert, it is amazing. I listened to Enya in this way, just earlier today, and it was sublime. 

How often do you listen to music?

I frequently listen to music, I would say about two to three times each day for an interval of 30 minutes or more each time. I listen to music while doing house chores, like sweeping the floors, I also put on tunes while surfing the internet or when I kick back on my sofa for some R & R. 

Where do you usually listen to music?

Based on my previous response, one can infer that I most frequently listen to music while I’m at home, in my office or in my living room. This is fact is quite true, because I don’t actually like putting on tunes while driving, I find it distracts me from traffic. 

Has your choice in music changed in the last ten years?

If you could learn to play an instrument, what would it be?

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