Focus is on challenging questions that are related to the topic of Part 2.

Use the question in your answer

Answer + Explanation + Example

You must paraphrase words that you hear in the questions and show a broad range of vocabulary

Reflect the grammar of the question and make sure to use appropriate and complex grammar. 


Let’s talk about tourism – travel, tourists, sightseeing, landmark

In your opinion, why do people like to travel to other countries?

According to me, the reason individuals like to visit foreign nations is to explore new places and new cultures. I think this is exciting for people. I visited the Egyptian pyramids last year and it was amazing. 

I think people like to visit other countries to get a full immersion into the local culture and customs. 

*If the examiner feels that you are off topic, and not answering the question they are asking accurately, they WILL often interrupt you and go to the next question or repeat the question. 

They interrupt you – if they feel you did not understand the question and then go to the next question

They interrupt you – if they feel you did not pay attention to the question, but you understood it, and they repeat the question

Do not double up on your leading expression as this is poor communication – do not say, “I think that, In my opinion…”

Do you think it is good or bad for countries to welcome tourists? 

Well, I reckon that it brings benefits for nations to welcome tourists into their …on top of (in addition, furthermore) that it is a great opportunity to promote local

The answer was drawn out –  

Can you give examples?

How has tourism changed in your country over the years? 

As far as I can tell, the travel industry in China has shifted remarkably over the past years because of the improvement in transportation….This is a double-edged sword. …

Tourism in China has changed for the better and the worse, I mean that there is a lot more revenue from this industry but there has also been an increase in pollution as a result of the millions of tourists that come to the country. 

Has this been a positive?

Let’s discuss city planning

What are some ways that cities in your country are changing in the past decade? 

There are many ways that metropolitan areas in India are changing over the past 10 years. The infrastructure is developing, there are new roads and schools built each year. There is an influx of international businesses. In my city, Hyderabad, there are two new universities and three new highways connecting to other parts of India. 

Is this good or bad?

Is there anything you would change in the way cities function these days? How?

In my opinion, I think transportation should change in a kind of way to reduce pollution and traffic jams by using trains and buses. (follow up) I think cities should focus more on building good transportation for trains and buses to keep up the cleanliness so the travelers will feel happy and safe. 

Should there be more regulations placed on city planning? Can you give examples?

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