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    Some people think the most effective way to reduce industrial pollution is to tax those companies cause it. What are other alternatives?
    Discuss both and give you opinion.
    Pollution is vital problem worldwide. Developing countries are becoming industrialized that lead to increase polluted environment. In my opinion levying more duty on factories and another course of action, introducing environmental policies and controlling bodies, helps to minimize pollution.
    In some countries, government body collect additional tax from companies and builds special industrial zone away from town or residents, to balance business and environment damages. In such a specialized industry area having right channel for draining waste, facilities for destroying emissions and exhaust fumes minimizes environment causes. In New York, east-coast area declared as chemical industry zone, where government has provided tunnel to drain waste water in very deep level of sea. However, sometimes companies’ operator feels in-justice to paying additional taxes compare to other companies which are causes nations other way.
    In addition, introducing pollution policies and monitoring institutions force company operators to follow it. For example, set limits to produce emissions and exhaust fumes, companies encourage to think for alternative production method in lesser exhaust fumes. Periodically inspection by Monitoring bodies ensures that units have installed adequate emission control equipments.  Furthermore, campaigning for economical products and giving more space to green factories, will be a good replacement of polluting industries in future. Green factories aims to manufacture recyclable products and minimum wastes of natural resources.
    All societies are equal responsible for increasing pollution. Penalties is somewhat right but not only the solution, are other substitutions considerable to replace harmful industries and make balance between development and environments.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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