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    In the present we have so many modern techniques which make our work easiest. But in-spite of all this ,do you think,  we have so many problems in our Today’s Life….we are restless…we always want to attain leisureliness. In ancient life people were very happy although they didn’t have much facilities like us….Ohhh they really have greatness in their hearts.In comparison of Ancient Life Today’s life is very hard. However today’s life is very tough yet it is much better because if we ‘ll live like ancient life we can’t….today’s life have so many facilities…in today’s life world become very small through internet and other ways of communication and transport. So we should be happy in this life which have plenty of charms…..


    Hi Harjit,

    I believe you have a very “romanticized” view of ancient living. I don’t think it would have been nearly the “walk in the park” you make it out to be.

    I believe today’s life is incredibly easy compared to ancient life. One point against this, however, is that many prolific ancient societies (Rome, Greece, Mesopotamia etc.) had an underclass of slaves who did most of the hard work. So the upper classes then perhaps did less work than today.

    But for the average person, or society as a whole, I believe we are far better off than we have ever been.

    Just my “two cents”!

    Thanks for your contribution to the forum Harjit!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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