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    Ananth Kiran Machiraju

    Hi All,

    Try to have the Critical thinking questions answered for below passge. (reading comprehension)

    There is no finer place on earth to celebrate New Year’s Eve than Sydney. This is not The Daily Telegraph’s opinion. This is an objective fact, easily established by clear-eyed observation.

    You’d rather be watching our harbourside celebrations on television – even an old black and white television – than be physically present at New Year’s Eve festivities in many cities around the world tonight. Sydney’s advantage is just so enormous.

    Across Europe, for example, revellers not only risk hypothermia if they venture outside but also must cope with severe tensions brought about by reckless open border immigration policies. Germany, in particular, will be anxious in case a repeat of the previous New Year’s Eve criminality occurs in Cologne and other cities.

    Chilly Chicago in the US has some of that nation’s strictest gun-control laws, but that didn’t stop more than 40 people being shot over the Christmas weekend, with 11 victims dying from their injuries. Sydney’s city-wide NYE party will this year feature substantial security boosts, yet no violence on a Chicago scale is anticipated. If you see police and other security officials on the streets this evening – and there is every chance you will, considering the impressive numbers deployed – offer them your thanks for keeping our city safe.

    How might NYE go this year for our interstate friends? Victoria at least has electricity, which means they’ll be able to enjoy television footage of Sydney’s fireworks, but in South Australia they’re stocking up on candles and grimly considering which house pets might provide the best source of fuel. Three days after major storms, much of the state is still without power.

    It’ll be a dark old NYE in the South Australian town of Saddleworth, where yesterday around 400 residents had been without electricity for 38 hours. All but two businesses in the town had shut their doors. Sadly, Saddleworth is emblematic of South Australia in general. It’s struggletown on a statewide basis.

    Even if Sydney is hit by predicted rain tonight, we are still the undisputed global capital for New Year’s Eve excitement. There simply is no competition, either within Australia or abroad.

    Rejoice tonight, Sydney. It’s been one hell of a year. You’ve earned this.

    Ananth Kiran Machiraju

    I have the questions covered for each paragraph as below. Can someone evaluate.

    1st Para (‘There is no finer place on earth……….. Sydney’s advantage is just so enormous.)
    What Sydney New year Celebrations
    Why Explains the popularity and ease of paricipation for Sydney’s new year Eve
    How People gathering at the Harbour side and glue to TV on the new year night

    02nd Para (Across Europe, for exampl……for keeping our city safe.)
    What Security sensitiviity in Europse and Us during NYE
    Why Comparing Sydney NYE with other ciities
    How Hazzles in Gemany during immigratoin and gun control laws due to viokencei n previous years

    03rd Para (How might NYE go this year…… been one hell of a year. You’ve earned this.)
    What Limitation of NYE in other states of Australia
    Why to explain their readiness for NYE
    How Power scarcity in saddleworth to watch NYE in television


    Okay, first this is a good attempt Ananth, but I must say, this is a bit of a strange passage. It is poorly written and therefore difficult to do critical reading.
    Anyway, here is my feedback in the order of what, why, how.
    1. Sydney is best for NY celebration, its objective, it needs to be observed

    2. NY in Europe is bad, its not safe, criminal activities

    3. NY in New York and South Australia is bad, no electricity, no power before and still now power after storm

    Keep up the good studies, but make sure to choose valuable materials (not this).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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