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    Can you please rate me on this letter?
    You need time off from work.Write a letter to your boss. In your letter, explain why you need the time off , how much time you need off and why you should be granted the time off.
    You do NOT need to write any addresses.
    Begin your letter as follows:
    Dear sir,
    Dear Sir,
    My name is Singh and I am working in the data analytics team under your Insurance department. I am writing this letter to request you that I need five working days off from 2nd Feb’17 to 7th Feb’17 because I have to attend my sister’s marriage on 7th Feb ’17. I need at least five days to make arrangements and also I would like to bring this to your notice that I don’t have any deliverable during that time.

    I have only one sister which is very close to me and my family. Therefore, being an elder son I have many responsibilities to handle on and before the marriage. In our culture there are few traditions that last for 3-4 days before the final day of marriage. Hence it is very important for me and my family to manage every single event very well. Apart from this, I would also like to highlight that my Insurance project has already been delivered to the clients although the deadline of that project is 1st week of the next month. So, I have planned my leaves in such a way that my work wouldn’t impact..

    I hope you will understand my concern and grant me the time off for those 5 days. I look forward to your reply.

    Yours sincerely,


    Hi Singh,
    This would likely get a score band 6. To learn your mistakes and push your score to 7 or more submit the essay to our editors in your my student account. It is well worth it. Keep up the good studies.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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